And the Answers Are…

Question One:
Abandon All Hunger Ye Who Enter Here
Based on inscription in Dante’s Inferno.  Leads to the Dante Room at Incanto Restaurant. 1550 Church Street

Question Two:
Between Spike and Mike
Answer found between Spike Lee and Mike Leigh, in the Directors section at Video Wave at 1431 Castro Street

Question Three:
Pacemaker’s Home
Mersey Street.  Made famous in “Ferry Cross the Mersey” by Gerry and the Pacemakers

Question Four:
With a population of about 825,327, it’s not so little
Population of city of Chihuahua and location of Little Chihuahua restaurant at 4123 24th Street

Question Five:
Home of Anna Alberi, almost
Dream House raffle winner at  815 Alvarado Street

Question Six:
Corner of Noe and Valley Street.  Where Noe sign is over Valley sign

Question Seven:
Home of Deposed Warrior
Nellie Alley, referring to fired Warrior’s coach Don Nelson

Question Eight:
35 + 48
Corner of Diamond and 24th, where the 35 and 48 Muni lines intersect

Question Nine:
MMMMCXXXV Horner Street
Horner Street is the original name for 23rd Street.  4135 23rd Street

Question Ten:
One scene all these films have in common: Safety Last!, Project A, of The Thirty-Nine Steps, Thunderball, Shanghai Knights, The Great Mouse Detective
Famous clock scenes.  Dorian Clair Clock Repair at 1301 Sanchez Street

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